Cities by Sea: Chelsea Creek
Chelsea, MA

The Chelsea Creek Eco-industrial Corridor is a proposed integrated system of nature and industry: a vision for 21st century working waterfronts.

Strategic sites along the corridor have been selected as sites of study and experimentation. Currently this site is a complex landscape of overlaid jurisdictions, financial resources, and stakeholders. In order to realize a resilient future, industrial watersheds like Chelsea Creek must shift towards a more cohesive and unified identity. Cultural programming and opportunities for social exchange alongside ecology and industry is the first step towards building this future. New jurisdictional boundaries and social networks can support this vision for a more resilient future.
A networked resiliency framework informs how design plays out in each scenario along the Chelsea Creek. Through the framework and vision provided, the Chelsea Eco-Industrial corridor may evolve to become patchwork of new marine industries, educational wetlands, up-zoned urban development and publicly-accessible waterfront; all connected through a multilayered network of programmed, protective edges.

Group members:
Qianhui Liang, Nayeli Rodriguez, Helena Rong